Season 2 – Man vs Amazon

When 3 people quit the Challenge in the Amazon, in Peru and all the locals said it couldn’t be done, they called upon EJ to see if this was true. EJ accepted the challenge along with Laura Zerra. They both took on the mosquito ridden landscape. They battled against severe rain storms, snakes, caimans, piranhas, jaguars, and other wild life. They built a total of six shelters, multiple tools and weapons to aid in daily life, and one Helluva raft, “The Amazonian Queen”. They completed the challenge making them the first two to complete the challenge twice. EJ lost a total of 44 lbs.

SKULLTOID: The raft was built using only 26 Balsa Logs, 40 Bamboo Poles, and over 100 Vines! It came complete with benches, back rests, a flag pole, extra supplies, and cup holders!

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